Outriders What We Know!

What is Outriders?

Outriders is a New Co-Op Looter Shooter. Think of Gears of War with Powers and abilities. Peoples Can Fly (devs of Pain Killer, Bullet Storm, Gears of War: Judgment) brings a looter shooter that is bloody, in your face, fast paced, with deep progression and character customization.

Now I know many other games have come and gone before this one. Anthem, The Division 2, Destiny 2, Godfall etc… The  biggest difference between majority of those games and Outriders is Outriders is NOT a Game For Service, Outriders on release will be 100% completed.

There is no DLC, No nonsense of only play the main story for 10 – 15 hours then have a mediocre endgame and wait 12 weeks for the 1st DLC to drop to give you the other part of the game. You are getting the full game up front, and I feel a little a safer with Outriders since it was scheduled for a 2020 release and it got pushed to February 2nd, 2021. Giving the DEVs more time to polish and make the game the best it can be.

Will there be DLC? That is yet to be seen, People Can Fly want to see how the game is received how well it does. I have a good feeling about this game and looking forward to launch.

Outriders Story:

Earth is all used up, its pretty much a wasteland and Humanity is now flying around looking for planets that are similar to earth to create a new home… Sounds familiar, its been done before but if executed right it could very much be a fun and intriguing story. Anyway, we hear a signal on one of the planets called Enoch and send the Outriders (that’s us) find out what’s down there.

We get down there to follow the signal and come across the anomaly… (queue ominous music).  The anomaly, effects everything it touches, it can kill or mutate others.  The outriders are attacked and overwhelmed and retreat to return to be put in cryo sleep for 30 years.

After 30 years we awake to find that the anomaly gave us kicking super powers. But we come to find that Enoch is fully changed, the outriders, plant and animal life are fully mutated and the plane has become extremely hostile. During the 30 years we slept, a war broke out, between whatever is left of the humans who formed the ECA or the insurgence. And to think we slept for 30 years of that war… that is still going on… sheesh! 

The colonist that came down with us were able to safely build in one little valley and with us leading the expedition and heading into war to we will restore peace and order.


It’s a shooter… done end of section. Kidding … if you played Gears of War then you know the combat style, if you have not played its very fast faced bloody and requires you to take cover to stay a live. Though, I don’t see many game play footage where you take cover… its more in your face fast paced kind of like Anthem or Warframe, I mean you can take cover but from what I have seen you don’t really need too. But to be fair I have not really seen end game at the higher tiers, so taking cover could be something that really matters then.


In outriders there are 4 different classes you can choose from:

Devastator – Close range tank in your face and smack things dead

Pyromancer – medium range summoner / mage type

Trickster – Nina Rouge move in and out of the shadows fast to slay your enemies.

Technomancer: All round class that can summon a variety of turrets, even heal your allies.

Each class has a skill tree that you can spec even further, for example you have the Devastator that spec in anomaly powers, fire arms or go full tank and be the damager eater of your team.

The game will have armor sets, exotic weapons and weapon mods. Synergizing your weapons, armor and spec will be crucial to solo and group play.

Game Modes:

PVE game, 25-40 hours of campaign gameplay (25 hours for 1 class, I plan on playing all 4)

After the campaign there will be expedition that are totally desinged separate from the campaign so they are not taking story missions and recycling like many other games did, TD2, Warframe, Godfall Etc… These kind of remind of strikes from Destiny, but seem more involved and rewarding to play. They are higher tiers in expeditions, the higher the level, the better the gear.


Like most games you are going to level up to  get points to spend in your skill trees. What I love is that you are able to respec at any point, I totally dislike ARPGs that once you go down a path you cannot respec and or you are punished for doing so. ARPGs and shooter-looters are meant to be experimental and should be allowed to respec on the fly for the needs of the missions and your teams.

Customization looks amazing and huge and I can’t wait to dive in. On top of skills, you will unlock new powers as you play. Each class has 8 powers they can acquire and learn. The max level is 30, This will be hit quickly by many and end game will

begin and then the 1% will complain there will be nothing to do.

It sounds like there is crafting to a point, People Can Fly stated that you will be able to increase rarity and level of your gear. So get an awesome chest piece that’s level 28, and you can level it to level 30 and then increase the rarity to keep it longer and satisfy your build needs. So it sounds like you get mileage out of your gear and not have to can it as often as you do in other games.

As mentioned the player max level is 30, but end game kind of like how The Division 2 was prior to Warlords of NY you had world tier levels the higher the teir the better the drops and gear. Outriders has something similar, the higher you set your world tier to (15 levels) the better the drops with a max level of 45 item level.  You will be fine tuning your gear to ensure you can make it to the next world tier and keep getting stronger to get those gorgeous drops. I love me a grind!


I mentioned DLC at the beginning of the video there is nothing planed ATM as Outriders is a 100% complete game and will not be adding new guns, levels, raids, dungeons etc.. However as mentioned if the game is received well they would love to make more content. I hope they do and we get to grind for more sweet loot.

My thoughts:

 I am excited about this one. The developer People Can Fly are amazing and I loved all their games and with SquareEnix backing them as the publisher I am really not worried about that either (I know avengers was a mess). But overall, I think this is a full right direction for shooter-looters, no more game for service nonsense and MTX and other areas that take away from the full game. We have a month away. Feb 2nd, 2021 and Outrider Drops. Looking forward to playing and linking up with many of you.