Control – Is Not An Illusion

From the start to the finish you are on the edge of your seat. The combat, the story, the abilities, the boss fights, the characters, all the lore, and the mind fuck inception level designs! 9.5/10 – Must Play.

Control is a game that was needed in this time of lack luster gaming and a million live service games. Remedy came out swinging and they hit a grand slam, this game going on to win 80 awards in 2019, this game has earned every single one.

Control started out as an Epic exclusive, if you know me I don’t buy into exclusivity nonsense, nor do I care about the Epic store. So I waited the year for it to drop on Steam, it was worth the 365 day wait. Everything about the game, from the start to the finish you are on the edge of your seat. The combat, the story, the abilities, the boss fights, the characters, all the lore, and the mind fuck inception level designs! This is honestly a game that should be buying ASAP.

Control is a third person action/adventure game with non-stop thrills and action. The story is dark set in a world where the day to day reality is being corrupted by other dimensional forces called the Hiss. As you start your journey, you very quickly and unwillingly become the new director of the FBC (Federal Bureau of Control) who’s job is now to stop the Hiss and end their invasion.

As you progress throughout the game you come across many different character’s who bring their own unique personalities, experiences and agendas in the world of Control. They will provide with many different tasks and missions to go on to help the right the FBC and put an end to the Hiss. As they send you on these missions fill of fights with telekinesis, shielded grenade launchers and floating hiss that explode as they get near you. You will be collecting source energy and abilities points from them, to enhance your weapons/mods and increase the effectiveness of your abilities.

The gun in the game is a pretty neat take, one gun that can take on many different forms, sniper, shotgun, pistol, machine gun, etc, all with varying pros and cons. Like most shooters these days you are able to have two types of guns equipped. The guns are pretty good and if leveled up and with the right mods you can be a gun slinging telekinesis bad ass. But the game really begins to shine when you start gaining your abilities, you do this by finding objects of power and cleansing them binding your self to them.

You get abilities like telekinesis, levitation, shields, mind controls and a few others. Being able to pick up a large objects or rip walls apart and hurl them at your enemies never felt so rewarding. This is were you finally start to feel in control, the combat can be hard in the first few areas with no abilities but as you level up and grow your powers you can decimate a battle in seconds with launching pick forks, and mind controlling weakened enemies to give you an edge.

The combat is a lot fun, the controls are pretty responsive, I didn’t have much issues with navigating on key board & mouse, though the controller probably would have made the game a little more easier. The button mappings are pretty tight, and you are never reaching far on the keyboard to activate an ability. Having a Roccat Tyon, i mapped my dash and telekinesis to some of buttons on the mouse, made launching concrete and propane tanks while getting out of danger pretty fluid. So deciding how you play, I don’t think you have much issues with the controls.

The frustration level of Control can be on the level with Dark Souls. This is also depending of the difficulty you play it on, the combat is fun, but if you don’t pay attention you can be over run easily and when you die you lose source energy and that is frustration. I got stuck on one missions and kept getting over ran, had 100k+ source energy, I died enough times to lose more than half. Mind your environment, and be patient when launching large items especially, explosives. Launching to early could give you a danger close situation and an unwanted death.

The performance of the Control was solid, I played on DX12 with high settings and medium RTX. I was able to keep 60-70FPS through many areas and intense fights. The game is beautiful and the physics are amazing when using your shield and telekinesis abilities just over all beautiful and solid game.

As I said everything about this game is amazing and really keeps you on your toes, with never know whats next and whats about to hit. The story is really deep and some interesting plot points and twists. So if you are looking for something with deep story, fun game play, solid physic abilities, look no further than control. This is one game you will keep coming back to play just to throw vending machines at your enemies.