Grim Dawn – Top 10 Reasons To Play

I’ve been playing Grim Dawn a ARPG (Action RPG) and it’s been an absolute blast. I beat the last expansion, hit level 64 (Max 100) and playing around with many different masteries/builds, Grim Dawn in my opinion is the best ARPG on the market right now. So here the top 10 reasons to grab this game today!

1) The atmosphere: If you remember playing games back in the 90s like Diablo you will love the look and fee ofl Grim Dawn. The game really presents a world in dystopian timeline showing that the suffering is real, the evil is deep rooted and you a person who just escaped death with nothing to lose but tons to gain is out to see that this is evil is brought down.

The Grim Dawn story is interesting and fun to go through. A great feature in the story are the journals and notes you will find throughout the world. These give great detail of an area, group or person(s), in addition these notes also give a good amount of XP and is a great way to push you to the next level.

2) The pace and Difficulty: Most ARPGs today are very fast paced, take PoE for example. In PoE you are moving so fast and attacking even faster that monsters and never really have a chance to react because they are already dead. While it’s not a bad thing, it does take away the difficulty from the game itself.

In Grim Dawn the pace is slower, which increases the difficulty and while you gear up and get stronger, monsters will destroy you so be wary of running in and expecting to mop the floor. I feel this makes the game more challenging and not so run and loot, as it really makes you focus on cool downs and strategize your attacks, as well as when to disengage and re-engage in combat.

3) The Endgame: This is asked by many players, because once you beat the game what is there to keep you coming back. I feel Grim Dawn provides the most versatile end game content out of the many ARPGs.

We have Nemesis system, this is party of the reputation system, so not only are you gaining rep helping the good guys. You are also gaining bad rep by defeating the evil faction’s. Once your reach nemesis rank for a specific faction, then these enemies will start spawning in the world to give a unique challenge.

In addition to Nemesis, there are Super Bosses. These bosses are hardest in the game and will require your build and gear to be at its best to beat them and will drop interesting and good gear.

Next is the crucible(DLC). This can be used on a brand new character to boost some levels, get devotion points and grab some gear before you start the main game. But the crucible is really a horde mood, and at high level you go through 10 rounds to try to get to level 150+. Once you beat each round you can end the crucible to earn your rewards.

Last is the Shattered Realm(DLC) this is an endless dungeon. This dungeon has 3 zones and in the third zone you fight a boss. Once you beat the boss, you you talk the NPC to collect rewards and leave. The higher the levels you reach the better the rewards.

4) The Loot: Ahh yes, The main reason we play games like this. Grim Dawn as something that many looters are missing these days and that’s loot tables aka “Targeted Farming”. Many ARPGs these days rely heavily on casino based loot mechanics to do things a little differently and keep players engaged rerunning content over and over again to get the loot with the exact stats they need, or they will allow to reroll stats a certain amount tries.

Grim Dawn does this as well with certain gear it will drop and give you different stats to put towards your gear and keep the items interesting and engaging. However, the game also offers targeted farming, this means certain bosses will have a loot table of specific gear that has a percentage to drop. This will allow to farm bosses to get the exact item you need for your build, without having to worry about reroll on stats.

5) Complexity: Grim Dawn is a deep game when it comes to build and gear. And is deeper than many of the ARPGs today. From a dual class system, devotion points, gear, components, and augments, and resistances, you’ll need to learn how to scale your character correctly to beat some of the hardest content. With resistances not only do you need to be correctly scaled for fights, you can also play as any of the resistances which makes the game interesting with the many different builds. Many of the different abilities have Damage Over Time (DOT) which can also scale with the rest of your build.

6) Diversity: In Grim Dawn you are able to choose two classes or as know in Grim Dawn masteries. You choose your first mastery at level two and the next at level ten. There are eight masteries to choose from and mix them to build the class you like and want to play since there is no wrong way to play Grim Dawn. In addition to having a character level, you also have mastery levels, yes the two masteries must be leveled up.

Once you reach a certain level in the mastey you can then choose your skill, which also have x amount of levels. Masteries will also increase stats, and damage so it’s important to level these up. There’s a total of 248 points you can spend in game. 237 from leveling 11 from quests. You will also receive one stat point per level to increase physique, cunning and spirit. If you are not happy with your build, you can speak to an NPC to respec for minor currency. Check out grim tools in the comments to use this site to plan your builds.

7) Devotion Tree: This is probably the best skill tree I have ever seen and used in any ARPG. This skill tree will help customize your build even more. You will be able to gain 55 points in the game. To get there points, you will need to cleanse corrupted shrines throughout the world. Once you interact with the shrine, you will need to either fight a wave of enemies or provide an item to the shrine. These as well can be respeced for minor currency if you are not happy with your choices.

8) Community: The community is very active, friendly and the staff is very engaged in their forums. If you’re into trading and need help crafting high end items the Grim Dawn forums is a great place to go and engage with the community.

9) Mod Support: Grim Dawn’s dev team allows mods. Mainly because Grim Dawn is more of a single player experience then it is region based like PoE or DIII. The mods I will leave in the comments are the three Grim Dawn mods anyone playing should use. They really add QoL and make the UI cleaner.

Mods to use:
Grim Internals (UI changer and awesome utilities)
Grim Item Assistant (unlimited item storage)
Rainbow Filter (Makes spotting loot easy)

10) It’s about the Journey not the Destination: Grim Dawn is all about enjoying the game and the Journey it sets you on. You can all feel this in the difficulty and as you grow and get stronger the game gets better and better. With so many different areas to visit, enemies to fight, items to loot. The game is not meant to be rushed. Sit back and enjoy.

Thanks for reading! All links can be found in the comments. If you have any questions about the game, leave a comment and I’ll answer. I’ll also be making a video on this as well. Stay tuned!

If you enjoyed, will you please like and share and get this out to help others who may be thinking about grabbing this masterpiece of a game?

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