Remnant From The Ashes Tips

  1. Break everything, anything can hold scrap (currency) and upgrade materials like irons. You may even find consumables. It may be time consuming, but part of the farming fun and will come in handy later when its time to upgrade or buying an “Orb of Undoing” to respec your points.

  2. When you meet mudtooth, regardless of the play through grab his tonic and stew. The tonic increases your health by 25% for 60 minutes, while the stew increases your stamina 25% for 60 minutes and both persists through death. Also worth mentioning, it costs only 500 Scrap! Pretty cheap, so grab a few!

  3. If you are playing as shotgun build or sporebloom or anything that requires you to be in close. Stamina is 100% your friend. You will need to be running and dodging more then if you were ranged. Stack stamina, also grab the pocket watch from the Mudtooth, this increases stamina regen and reduces stamina cost by 15%

    Pocket Watch: To get the pocket watch you will you will come across Mudtooth on your play through eventually. Just go through every conversation with Mudtooth, Once you finished all his dialog he will give the pocket watch.

  4. Elemental Resist is important. If you are getting killed constantly and your gear is good, look into putting some points into the Trait “Keeper’s Blessing” it can increase elemental resistance up to 20%. Or if you have made it into Yaesha, there is a ring that randomly spawns called “Keeper’s Ring” Equipping this will increase resistance to all elemental damage by 20%. Either way having one or the other can really solve some issues if you are dying constantly.

  5. Many enemies can cast elemental damage. Those elements can also build up over time and inflict you with a status. Make sure you are carrying a few items of each to remove the status effect and increase your resistance of that element to decrease build up and damage. I have listed the items and what element they protect against and status they clear.

    Elemental Resist Items:

    Bandage: Stops the Bleeding effect.

    Green Leaf: Removes Corroded effect and increases Corrosive resistance by 30%. Lasts 10 minutes.|

    Heavy Water Elixir: Removes the Irradiated effect and increases Radiation Resistance by 30%. Lasts 10 minutes.

    Hydro Coolant: Instantly extinguish the Burning effect and increase Fire Resistance by 30%. Lasts 10 minutes.

    Oilskin Tonic: Removes the Root Rot effect and increases Root Resistance by 50% for 10 minutes.

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