Final Fantasy XIV Top 10 tips!

Are you new to FFXIV? Not sure where to start or what to do? We got you covered! Some of the top 10 Tips to help new comers!

  1. Do not worry about deciding on your MAIN class when first starting off. Pick what appeals to you, at level 10 you can do other class quests to become a different class and try it out.
  2. Beginning classes will dictate which 3 cities you start in. Keep this in mind if you are wanting to play with your friends.
  3. Each new area you enter will have an Aether Crystal make sure you Attune yourself to it for faster traveling later.
  4. Each Major City will have Aether nodes, make sure to collect these, so when you teleport into town you can teleport to the Inn or class hall without having to walk.
  5. At level 20 you can join a grand company, which is when you can get your first mount. Progress through the story-line enough to open and complete “My Little Chocobo”.
  6. Jobs Vs Classes: Jobs are a more specified version of the class you were playing. So if you were a Gladiator and you become a Paladin you get extra abilities and new job-specific features.
  7. At level 30 you can take on job quest. For example: As a Pugilist you can take on a job quest to become a Monk. You will keep your current abilities and as stated in number 6 you will receive job-specific abilities.
  8. Do your dailies, as you are leveling make sure you are doing you the dailies you unlocked. These are a great boost to your EXP.
    1. Also, make sure you do the hall of novice quest. Upon completing the quest you get a ring that is +30% exp!
    2. If you decide to take up crafting, go with cooking, you can make food to increase you stats and give you an additional +3% to your exp gain!
  9. Crafting is great to get into early. It can be worth while to pick up if you are looking to make extra Gil on the side, repairing your own gear, or want to have an end-game crafter.
  10. Do not sell you gear that is 100% spirit bond, you can break it down and turn into Materia to later socket other gear to get more damage, heals, HP, etc… out of your stats.

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