Godfall does little to grab the player in terms of story and give very little reason to grind for gear after max level and you get your build done. Not much in terms of endgame and is pretty lackluster with great combat. 7/10

There is a story of sorts, I think, kind of dull boring, passable, voice acting is ok, obviously you are not here to play a story, you want that there’s The Witcher, Mass Effect, Anthem(I kid).. But if you are here for the story, sorry to let you down there is not one. The story is a means to an end, get you acquainted with the game, and work to start your grind and get you to at least level 30 by time the story ends. Which is pretty quick I think total I played 8-10 hours and had the “campaign” beat.

They are GORGEOUS! I love the over saturation, the enemy designs, the weapons, the valor plates are just friggin awesome! Like I love everyone single aspect of the visuals. Its really fun to look at it and play while everything looks so gorgeous. It’s flashy fun, beautifully imagined and the ascetics change with each realm and it never gets old.

OOOF, so I am using an i9-9900k and a 2080 Super FTW 3 with 32GB of ram and playing this off an NVME… yet I am only pulling 40FPS and this is with most of the gfx turned down. Now yes, this game was optimized for AMD so running on an NVidia GFX card may not be full optimal yet, but even from the AMD counter parts I am hearing the same thing low FPS, nowhere as bad as Nvidia tho. The game needs a little more optimization imo, its not horrible and can be played but the game needs a little love, as on a PC with this much power there is no reason it should be this poorly optimized. I am hoping that an Nvidia driver update will correct this and give this game a much needed optimized boost for Nvidia users.

Godfall has a fun and addicting combat system, it is fast, over the top, in your face, and can be unforgiving if not played well. The issues I have it, animation locks, I cant block until my swing is fully completed, that annoys me and make the combat not as fluid as I would like. Usually you can block in most games to cancel the animation of the swing.

Dodging… This annoys me as well, you have to spec in to get this little crummy slide, where most games DODGE is BASIC.. Why do I need to waste a skill point to know how to dodge, I am a some powerful warrior how can I not do a bas slide. The basic spin that you get to “dodge” out of the way, is really not great you cant spin far enough at times to get away from attack’s unless you are really good with your shield and parrying, this slide technique is a must have and is silly waste of a skill point.

Great Sword
Long Sword
Pole Arm
War Hammer
Dual Blades

They are ALL awesome, all have their own animations, pros and cons and really can change the play style of your build totally and make it your own. The weapons are a blast they feel good and are not a wet noodle. When you swing the hammer you feel like you are swigging a hammer, pole arms my favorite and Greatswords are my with Dual blades being my close second. All weapons’ will role with a primaRy stat and a random secondary.

This needs a REWORK… badly. So for ailments

Physical Damage can inflict bleed
Fire Damage can inflict Ignite
Earth Damage can inflict Poison
Water Damage can inflict Chill
Air Damage can inflict Spark
Void Damage can inflict curse

While the dots are cool and you can really build using unique armor and weapons. The Ailments are kind of fall short. Many of the big bad bosses can not be affected by any of these ailments, the ailments have no secondary trigger, chill does not give slow, shock does not stun, curse does not reduce dmg out on enemy. They are legit just different flavored dots… kind of boring, not sure why they wasted the time to make multiple valorplates only to do a different varying dots, when they could have had the “mage” plate.

Ailments are kind of cool when used with certain builds, you can affect enemies with chill and increase polarity damage, or breach damage, or get shield chare etc… the ailments can play off your build nicely and make for neat builds but since major bosses can’t be affected, this breaks your ailment build and you will revert back to a breach or soul shatter build for the major bosses. Cookie Cutter at its finest.

There are many skills in this tree that have just been part of the natural game, not sure why slide was a point, weak points & weapon techniques were focused as skills. These should have been default and the skills should have allowed you to specialize in what weapons you want to focus in. could have been do to 2h weapons(GS, WH, PA), DB, 1H. This would have made much more sense then wasting 1 point to unlock the weapon skills. Also skills looks from what I can tell, you can unlock them all, there are many quests end game that you can get sill points from and this will make you an over powered mess.

Skill points need the ability to Left Click to spend, Right Click to remove a point, the fact I have higlight each skill I want then move to purchase point ad press up to 5x to get it max is cumbersome and time wasting. Many other games handle skills better.

These can change the way an ability work boost your stars and provide nice Perks. But these feel lackluster to and could really use some extra love and balance in the way they work. Not my favorite system and seems pretty basic. You have some augments that would be great for very precise builds but still feel much to be waiting.

Easy really, collect materials you can upgrade uncommon all the way to legendary. This is called enchanting where upgrading will increase your damage, upgrade a perk and add another random perk. Upgrading is pretty straightforward and doesn’t offer much robust but can be fun to take a max lvl purple item you love and enchant it to be legendary then upgrade for more perks. I would like to see the ability to reroll second perks. Maybe how the division 2 does it have a library of Perks and choose the one you want.


As of this recording I’m lvl34 but end game consists of 2 things right now.

• Dreamstone
• Unlocked After beating campaign
• 18 Dreamstones Total
• Each Dreamstone is a 3 round challenge with randomly generated activity, missions, encounters with past midbosses and endbosses
• When you start you are given two options to choose between enemy A and enemy B. after you start those mission you get various activities that build up in that final fight.
• If you win you are rewarded with bonus loot, given a temporary buff that last the duration of that Dreamstone and you’ll learn about the enhancements that make the final boss more powerful.
• If You fail you keep moving forward without the bonuses or info making the final challenge more difficult.
• If you complete the final boss battle you will unlock the next Dreamstone. If You lose you must redo it.
• Loot that drops is randomly generated.
• First 9 Dreamstones are considered the first act meant to level and gear up players.
• Second Act is 9 more Dreamstones and The Ascended Tower of Trials

• Tower of Trials is a level 50 Content Only
• The Ascended Tower of Trials goes on indefinitely. The ultimate test of player skill where you keep acquiring buffs and fighting more challenging enemies as far as you can go.
• It is Rogue-Like
• Drops loot unique to this tower with gear players are going to be proud to acquire.
• It can be accessed prior to 50 but umm good luck. I got my arse handed to me. .
• Fail 3 times and get kicked out
• Its endless, tons of loot
• Keep getting b buffs and fight challenging enemies.


Overall I think the game is good and a few misses here and there can be annoying. But the game itself is fun and enjoyable to revisit on that rainy or bored day. End game is lack luster at the moment and the game looks like it was going towards a live service genre but changed its direction.

I hope future patches can help save the end game but in all honesty I’m not betting on it. Godfall is a 7/10, it has heart but not much else and at this time no I don’t think its worth the 60$ investment.

I would love to hear your thoughts on Godfall? Did it meet your expectations?