Hi All and Welcome!

MDG (MoarDotsGaming) is as a site that is dedicated to all gaming with the focus on Action RPG Games, Guides, Community Events and more. I will also be using this site for game reviews, videos, podcasts and more!

I stream RPG games regularly on YouTube. If you are new to the APRG genre and unsure of where to go how to get started, feel free to stop in, I’ll help you out, answer questions, provide quick reviews, run dungeons with you and get you going! My goal is become an integral part of the ARPG community and grow an awesome community, where no matter what game you play, people can join in, find others to game with and make friends. We have a lot of work, but with the community we have built so far, it is something that is not out of reach!

I appreciate you taking the time to read this and checking out the site.  Lots of content to come. So stay tuned!