5 Tips To Do Now That You Boosted or are Returning!

So you decided to use the level 30 boost and then you open your map and are going WHAT DO I DO? It can be a little overwhelming for sure, I got some tips to help you out!.

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So lets Jump right in:

1) You are a boosted 30 or you are a returning player who is not sure what to do and if anything is worth doing at all. Well with the boost the main three specializations are also boosted to 165, Demo, Surv, Sharp. If you have the one-year pass you will also have the other three and will need a little work to fully unlock them. If you’ve boosted, I recommend taking the year one pass specializations and level them up to 165, because with the tweaks and buffs coming you never know which will be a bit stronger.

To start, you will fist need to go the quartermaster activate the specialization that you want. The ones that need to be unlocked are Technician, Gunner and Firewall.  Next you will need to do five field research missions and complete their objectives. Once you complete these you will have fully unlocked the selected specialization.   You can then push to one 165…

So open your map, you are going to see invaded missions, bounties(if you have any), strong holds and weekly strong holds. In your safe house will be completing projects, and as you play you will level up to help push those spec points.

So to go a bit deeper:

  • Invaded Missions give 5 points (usually 3 are on the map and are weekly)
  • Invaded Strong Holds Give another 5
  • Weekly invaded Strong Holds give another 5 and if you were keeping count that’s 25 spec points right there!
  • Bounties give you 3 spec points
    • Bounties can be gotten from Snitch, Jared Nash. He moves around a lot and you will stumble across him during your many adventures in the DC area, so make sure you to talk him!
    • FYI pay attention Not all bounties will give Spec Points.
  • Every Time You Level up you get 3 spec points.
    • Doing the Strong holds and missions will probably level you once or twice, so that’s another 6 points.
    • In regards to leveling save your side missions if you are leveling up from 30 save them for TW 5 to maximize your XP. Side missions will give you a good amount of XP to help push those levels and get 3 spec points per level.
  • Also boosting a control point to level 4, will net you 1 spec point. Not the fastest but if looking to grind some gear in between or change up the flow, not a bad idea to do some.

2)  Farm for your blue prints! When you boost you do not unlock all the mods or weapon blue prints you will need to farm these. So get out there and farm away, it will be worth it as blue prints will help better your weapons, gear and make you stronger over all. Also, when Warlords comes out, only the chest piece and backpacks will have talents. So say there is a new talent, you could craft that new talent on a chest piece that fits your build. I don’t see weapon mods changing to much and if they do you will have them ready to craft if the one you are using is not that good anymore. So try to push 100% on getting these done. As you can see, I have A LOT of work to do.

Best Way to get blue prints?

  • Side Missions, each side missions has a blue print reward.
  • Level 4 Control Points also give blue prints.
  • Daily & Weekly SHD projects have a chance to give a blue print reward.
  • Bonus: These can be done Simultaneously while working on your specializations.

3) Farm exotic weapons! There are many tuning and changes coming to weapons with the Warlords X-Pac. For example I love Assault Rifles and I am going after The Chameleon, which can be gotten through bounties.. Go after them as they will be worth having now and at the start of Warlords till we reach the new character level of 40, the gear level of 515 and can start making sense of end game builds again.

You can target farm other guns, like the Sweet Dreams Shotgun. Which can be found in Roosevelt Island stronghold and Potomac Event Center missions. Run these a few times to kill some of the Outcast bosses once you reach the end. Then pray to RNGesus that you get one. Tip if you got the gear, run it on challenging to increase your chances of Sweet Dreams Dropping.

4) Farm exotic gear! I know, pretty much the same thing to say as weapons. But farm them, they will be helpful and you will have an advantage going into the new Xpac with reworked exotics that may be even more powerful then what they were today. I have only started looking at these and making a list of what exotics I want to go after. Check the link at the end of the guide to see a full list of all exotics you can farm.

5) Play the game and enjoy everything The Division 2 has to offer from classified missions, to strong holds, the story, finding collectibles, grinding gear, the Dark Zone and much, much moar! And with the game being on sale, maybe now you can persuade your friend to grab it and check it out for only 3$.

If you have faster ways to get spec points, farm gear, and get ready for Warlords of NY and Gear 2.0 leave a comment and let us know what you are doing to prep for the xpac and keeping yourself busy!

Exotic Gear Lists: