Fallout: New Vegas

For a game that came out in 2010 the graphics, story, music and voice acting all hold up extremely well. With a long drawn out, but moderately captivating story, the game can hold your attention for a few weeks. The only thing I would complain about with the story is the intro; it’s BORING, but once you get passed that, the story starts to ramp up. The music compliments the story and game-play perfectly, hiking up during a climactic fight, or sitting ambiently to the side while you roam the Mojave, even when the music that sounds just as confused as you when you’re completing a puzzle.

Just like the music, the gun-play is incredible, most guns feel like they should; shotguns have the right amount of kick-back when you shoot, pistols seem to sway the amount they should when you’re walking. The melee weapons have the weight and swing they would in real life, taking more time to swing heavy weapons, and the way swords slice through the air almost effortlessly is flawless. Explosives have a punch, and power to them when used properly; landmines can be used beautifully to stop a group of enemies, grenades/grenade launchers can cripple a large enemy, and how they feel is just so awesome.

The story of New Vegas is the amazingly different from the other two; Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 (I know there’s a Fallout 1, 2, and Fallout Tactics, but those are about as nice to play as a game of Dominoes with no fingers). The progression of the story is highly involved and only slightly confusing. Having newer progression locked behind older lines of dialogue. The controls are not too dissimilar from other games, that it’s pretty easy to adapt; however not being able to sprint is annoying. The cinematic zoom that’s forced on you when a companion gets a kill is irritating at best, and immersion breaking at worst.

Due to the incredibly boring intro, I didn’t start the game, or even attempt to start the game for months. After getting passed the intro, I did enjoy the game immensely. I do think the game is incredible, fun, but I don’t see the game as the masterpiece everyone else does. 7/10 – I’ll probably play this game again.

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